What are AMTC's plans for 2018?


If AMTC is enabled to continue in 2018, what would you do differently–in terms of your business model, to stay “in the green"?

We have a plan to continue to streamline AMTC: to trim our business model to be sleeker (in terms of staff and expenses), to offer membership programs with varying benefits, including: online classes, virtual coaching, webinars, castings, physical grooming, spiritual preparation, a Christian Talent Hotline — all with the intent of building, protecting and maintaining a vibrant Christian talent community.

Therein, Christian performers are still informed, educated and united in their callings from God. They are not “Lone Ranger Christians” wondering if others like them are out there. As our virtual memberships and programs increase, and as the bank account increases, AMTC would resume the SHINE Conferences: because VIPs love them, the performers get seen and meet them in person, and countless stars for God have been placed in key positions of influence. Because that’s what AMTC is all about: furthering the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in the world’s largest and most influential mission field.