"It wasn't possible. It was God..."

Tyler Hutchinson is an Indianapolis native with a heart for the mission field of entertainment, and an even bigger heart for Christ. His faith has led to perseverance, even amidst the difficult trials. Tyler wants to share the message of God’s provision throughout the ages: "yesterday, today and forevermore!"

When did you begin performing?

I started this journey singing in church choir, youth praise teams, church dramas and small skits. I then moved on to middle school productions, high quality high school productions, community theater projects, and some paid performances here and there. Even with doing so much at home, I knew that there was more that God was requiring of me. The difficult part was trying to figure out what God was requiring? What moves do I take? Which way do I turn? At some points, to be honest, I even got frustrated with God. I found myself in a place of "stuck", if you’ve ever been there…you know what I mean. Then, entered, stage right, Actors Models and Talent for Christ.

You remember your audition?

I can remember my audition like it was yesterday. I auditioned, went home and prayed and didn’t wait for a call because I knew it was coming. Now, this was not arrogance by any means not even confidence. It was me standing on faith. The faith that God would do just want He said he would do. On Sunday morning, I received my callback and I was so grateful that God had not forgotten about me! I immediately got in the car with my aunt to go speak with my mother. I was living with my aunt due to the rough relationship my mother. A lot of broken pieces can be found within our relationship and I’ve honestly never understood it.

As a young man, you had a dream hater at home?

As soon as I brought up the idea of AMTC, my mother became extremely angry and replied with "what does that mean from me" then "what do you want from me?" As hurt as I was, I tried my best to be as calm as possible and explain the program. I knew that my mother’s income would be able to completely pay for SHINE, as she was a federal investigator and still is. She finished the conversation with yelling and telling me "I’m not supporting this. I’m not giving you a dime! Get out!" She stood by those words and she did not support me. (I was 18 years old at the time.) I cried a good cry after that conversation. I never understood why she was so angry with me that day, but my aunt prayed with me, and I started my AMTC journey with her.

You decided to register anyway?

Yes! To make a very long story short, we didn’t know where the rest of the money would come from, once again standing on faith. I decided that I would do all I could and God would take care of the rest. I went to my family, friends, school and church to find some help. As huge as my family is, you would think they would be more than willing, but that wasn’t the case. I have been at my home church for years, working in the ministry…so you would think that they would help, but in all actuality AMTC was frowned upon: as well as performing, theater all of it. (Godly performers, whoever heard of such a thing!).

I was stuck…AGAIN! But I knew the Lord had not brought me this far to leave me. So, I sought after his plan. I felt in my spirit that I should write, direct and produce a stage play to help raise the funds. This made no sense since I was going to have to put out money and there was no guarantee that I would make it back. However, I did it.

After the production, there I was, counting every penny that was given to me that night. After counting and re-counting the amount, it was exactly what my aunt and I needed! God had provided just like he said He would! We packed up the car and headed to SHINE!

So God not only provided for you, but you were able to bless someone else?

We were able to eat well EVERY NIGHT in addition, we were also able to help our roommate pay for his half of the room and returned back home with over $300. Even as I sit and write this…I get emotional. I don’t know how it was possible. In fact, it wasn’t possible, IT WAS GOD! We didn’t have that money but God multiplied it! Just as He did the two fish and two loaves of bread! He’s the same God yesterday, today and forevermore!

What have you been doing lately?

Post SHINE, I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing people on many different shows and sets. My first big job took me on a two-month theater booking in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I played a singing cowboy, and I was the only Black person on set. I also signed with Lily’s Talent in Chicago. I served several years as the Artistic Director for the Christian Youth Theater over the state of Indiana. I've been able to travel all over the U.S. and recently toured South Africa with After Eden Pictures.