"It's up to you to make every situation a good one..."

Trevor Sones is an award-winning dancer who came to SHINE, where he won Overall Dancer. He has since gone on to perform in National and Broadway productions of ChicagoCats, and Beauty and the Beast. He’s even had the amazing opportunity to perform regularly on stage in the traveling production of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. He’s worked with top choreographers and even had a bit part in the film Step Up 3D. Passionate about dance, we had a chance to ask Trevor how his journey has been going.

What have you been doing recently?

Trevor: I’m on tour with the National Tour of Beauty and the Beast

What do you do when touring finishes?

Trevor: I will be on a teaching tour by myself next summer teaching master classes in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York— that series is in June. Then in July I’ll be auditioning again.

What’s been your favorite/most memorable job?

Trevor: Every single job that I’m on! It’s up to you to make every situation a good one. Look at the good side. Each job is a moment to make long term connections with people and make friendships. I take a fresh outlook and learn from each job.

Tell me about your experience at AMTC. What was it like? And how did AMTC help your career?

Trevor: I was a sophomore in college and was working at a theme park when I heard a radio announcement about AMTC. I love auditioning, so I went. When I got to SHINE I danced my first ever solo and won overall dancer. I was in shock and enthralled. I still have the video that I watch! AMTC was a life changing moment. It was so positive and encouraging – like a large, supportive family.

AMTC helped with contacts, too. As a whole, it was an amazing experience. Carey is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. Her emails are very encouraging. No one was judging, and the runway and commercial parts really stretched my limits. I started studying acting and did some photo shoots, too. I am so thankful to AMTC for pushing my limits and opening new areas to me.

What advice would you give to future performers who want to make a positive impact?

Trevor: Do research. Study those around you who’ve succeeded. Stay in touch with your contacts for future jobs. Stay positive and help one another.