"Never give up, encourage others, forgive others..."

Balancing nine children, a career, and a passion for the entertainment industry, Kelly Frank knows what it is like to be busy! With such an active lifestyle and family, Kelly is holding firm to his life verse, Colossians 3:17: “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”

You started your own real estate company, and you’re a father of ten. Tell us about life, and what made you want to pursue work as a performer in your 40s?

I am 45 years old. I’ve been married to my best friend Traci for 23 years, have 10 children ages 1-20, 4 boys/5 girls. My life verse is Col. 3:17. I grew up in a small Indiana town, Leesburg, IN with my brother and awesome parents. I was a very eclectic child and enjoyed all types of acting, modeling, fishing, & sports/outdoor activity. I attended Indiana and Valparaiso Universities, and eventually graduated with my degree in business/education from Grace College in 1991.

I got saved my freshman year of college, and began ministries as an entrepreneur with the Christian Rock Group Holy Fire; Coached football, wrestling, and track and worked professionally as a senior program director for the YMCA for several years. We moved to Fisher’s, IN in the late 1990’s. I played minor league professional football for the Indiana Tornados for 5 years, Coached and Taught at Heritage Christian School for a few years, & started Creative Approach Realty, an evangelical real estate company, over a decade ago on the NE side of Indianapolis, IN. I reignited my love for music, modeling, and acting 2 years ago when AMTC came to Indianapolis…..

What has happened since AMTC’s SHINE, and what have you been up to recently?

In the last two years I’ve been a part of the Super Bowl Half-time show with Madonna as a Gladiator, a Parks and Recreation Episode shot in Indy as Ron Swanson’s (Nick Offerman) and Jim Irsay’s ‘stand ins’, an Axe commercial with Dario Franchetti as his stand-in and as an ‘extra’ at the Indy 500. I’ve also been the principal in a nationwide Adesa Car Auction instructional Commercial/Web promo shot with ‘3-d Jarvis like graphics’.

I’ve appeared in promos, commercials &/or photo shoots for Touch Down Enterprises, Williams Comfort Air, Lilly, Tri-Med Health, St. Francis Hospital, St. Vincent Hospital, Tate Music Group, and most recently Wilson St. Pierre Funeral homes & Angies List & Exact Target, Cummins, Hoosier Lotto, NFL/Chase Visa, and Kittle’s Furniture.

I signed with Tate Music Group (as part of K&T Frank – Kelly and Travis Frank) and released our first album ‘Come Close to Me’ earlier this year. We’ve performed multiple shows/concerts/outreach events primarily in Indiana but also from Hershey, PA to Nashville, TN. We’ve been on live radio/done live interviews and CD reviews of our debut album in both Indiana and Ohio. We’ve played everything from Bars & Churches to YMCA’s & Fairgrounds, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ! We created a website, released our first free Iphone and Android apps with over 50 songs & we donate 50% of our sales to World Vision. We’ve partnered with the Y-Church and help distribute free bibles at our outreach events and shows.

You also had another high-profile gig earlier in 2014.

Yes. We auditioned with America’s Got Talent. Also, we are working on a third album, and I continue to audition on a regular basis for various local and national gigs.

K&T Frank is you and your son. What’s that like? How does working together affect the father/son relationship?

I absolutely LOVE working with Travis. He is the most amazing young man. We have experienced some of the most incredible things together performing, I can’t even begin to describe the fun we’ve had. I am so proud of him, and blessed to be able to call him my son. We have our moments of conflict & worldview differences, but at the core of our relationship is a mutual love and respect for each other that is a total gift from God. We’ve done many concerts/shows together, worked the Super Bowl Halftime show and Parks and Recreation episode together, and continue to find cool father/son entertainment opportunities.

He is beginning his ‘solo’ music career knowing I am his biggest fan & will always be in his corner; we will continue to do shows/gigs together as the Lord continues to bring them our way! We work out, throw the football, hang with the family, and do plenty of ‘non- performance/entertainment’ activities together to keep the father/son relationship priority over our ‘entertainment’ relationship.

Do you see the duet continuing?

He is beginning his solo music career knowing I am his biggest fan and will always be in his corner. We will continue to do shows together as the Lord continues to bring them our way. And we do plenty of “non-entertainment” activities together to keep the father/son relationship priority over our professional relationship.

What’s been your most memorable job?

A definite tie between the Superbowl Halftime show & the Parks and Recreation episode. It would take a book to describe the experiences & cool folks I was able to meet/interact with. Also our concert performance at Michael W. Smith’s ‘Rocket town’ in Nashville, TN was a musical highlight, with the one-on-one street ministry/handing out Bibles and reaching out to the poor on the streets of Nashville (with the Extreme Tour) later that week as one of the most spiritually rewarding/humbling.

What have you overcome to get to where you are?

God has helped me overcome any ‘fear’ of failure/others opinions as I have full confidence in God’s Grace, His acceptance of me as I am, and His Sufficiency in every area of my life! He continues to show me areas I need to work on, as he patiently conforms me into His image. He has humbled me, and lifted me up, over and over again, in the most wonderful ways; continually drawing me closer to, and more dependent on Jesus!

After our miscarriage, God helped us realize this little one is now in His presence, God alone is sovereign, and He truly does work all things to the good of those who love and trust Him. He has given us the strength and peace needed to deal with the loss, & be thankful for our other 8 healthy children. We’ve also been given the compassion to comfort others who have experienced similar loss in their families. He continues to work in my life daily, showing me areas I need to hand over to Him, and helping me to share his love and Grace with others. Since then, my wife became pregnant again, and we were recently blessed with our tenth child, Trinity Rae Frank!

What was AMTC like and how did it help your career?

My AMTC experience has been, and continues to be an excellent journey. I would have never believed all the things that I’ve been able witness/partake of, and the places I’ve visited, people I’ve met as a direct result of being involved with AMTC. The auditions, training, relationships, Shine event, and being an ambassador for AMTC continues to shape my career. It was like going back to school, vacationing, and ‘rising above’ the norm all at the same time. The emphasis on honoring Christ through His gifts to us, in a dark entertainment industry that needs Jesus and Godly examples, simply makes sense. The daily devotionals and resources available through AMTC are so relevant and helpful. AMTC definitely equipped me with the confidence and skills I needed to take my acting, modeling, and music career to the next level.

God has continued to open my eyes to the desperate need for missionaries and ‘musicianaries’ in the entertainment industry. He has shown me that I really can do ‘all things’ through Christ who gives me strength. The Lord has definitely blessed me financially since I took my ‘leap of faith’ two years ago to pursue utilizing the gifts/desires He’s given me to my full capabilities.

What would you say to future performers who want to make a positive impact for God?

The best advice I can give to AMTC family and friends / aspiring performers is this…. Spend time DAILY in His Word, PRAY, Commit the desires of your heart to Him, practice daily, audition continually, try new things, keep learning, be thankful, be confident, be professional, share your faith/your story/your vision, share the Gospel, get ready for intense spiritual warfare, seek first HIS Kingdom and His righteousness, don’t compromise, never give up, encourage others, forgive others, love and serve others, remember it’s all about Jesus… and enjoy the ride!