"They say there is a lot of corruption in Hollywood..."

Jaden Martin was eight years old when he attended SHINE with AGI Atlanta. He did well and met his future manager there. Since SHINE, Jaden has starred in films such as After Earth with Will and Jaden Smith, Reach Me, and Mr. Monster. Jaden is passionate about acting for God, and is certainly a performer to watch!

Why do you want to be a performer?

I’ve wanted to be on television ever since I was three. I want to entertain people and make them laugh, make them cry, feel the emotions of my character. Being a performer is also really fun for me. It’s something I would do just for fun

What do you love most about performing and why?

What I love most about being an actor is that I get to be different people. I also love being on set, and seeing the cool sets they create. I love meeting new cool people, like Will Smith.

What was unique or significant about how you found out about AMTC?

I was attending AGI Performing Arts School in Atlanta for acting and dancing. Mrs. Natarsha was my acting coach and told me she saw something special in me and wanted me to attend AMTC to show my talent. That was a very significant moment, as I didn’t know that one thing could change my life like it did.

What were your impressions of AMTC before and after your first search, before and after SHINE?

I thought AMTC was a great place for performers who loved God to go and showcase their talent. I had no idea I would meet as many agents and learn as much as I did. After attending, I was very pleased with my experience. I received attention from VIP’s in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, etc. I even found my manager at AMTC, which was a blessing because he has guided my career thus far.

What was the most significant part of the AMTC experience?

AMTC was very educational and fun. I learned about the business of acting and modeling. I met new people that later became good friends.

What did you learn about God through this process?

That I have to believe in Him (God) even when things are not going the way you would want them to go. All you have to do is do your best and God will do the rest. God has a plan for my life, what’s for me is for me.

Where is God calling you in the industry and why?

I feel God is calling me to be a young Christian actor that influences people and to be a great representation of him by loving people and giving to others.

If Hollywood is a mission field, what does that mean to you? What do you think it means for the Church as a whole?

To me, Hollywood being a mission field means we have work to do here to save people and tell them about God. Hollywood is a place where dreams really do come true. All we have to do is just BELIEVE and have FAITH. They say there is a lot of corruption in Hollywood and I feel as though I am the light on set to show others.

What’s the most interesting part of the journey you’re on?

The most interesting part of my journey is I get to experience new things all the time. The unknown, traveling, meeting great people, the surprise and Joy of booking jobs and doing what I love.

What’s been your favorite/most memorable job?

My most memorable job to date I would have to say was the movie After Earth. I played Nine-Year-Old Kitai. They had an amazing set, I got to meet great friends, and the best part was I got to meet Will Smith. I was able to attend my very first movie premier and walk the red carpet. I was on several media outlets and even made my first TV interview with Better TV in New York and Celebified in Los Angeles. That was an experience I will never forget.