"I had no plans, but God had a vision for my life..."

Cameron 'TryC' Lancour is a SHINE Winter 2014 grad who has a heart for Jesus Christ and is on a mission to tell the world about Him though music, dance, and other forms of art. He performs locally at different churches and events in San Diego. He is the starter of the “PGF SquaD” a group of young people who use their talents to further the kingdom of God and choose to live a little differently than most people their age.

What have you been up to lately?

I've been doing a lot! I'm signed with Wilhelmina Models, just shot a Starbucks commercial a few days ago, and did a photo shoot for Teen Vogue! My music has also really been taking off. I'm working on my first single, which is so exciting! I have a clothing line coming out this Sunday called HOOL.A.GANS. I rap, act, model and dance for fun. Rapping is my passion. My personal experiences really motivate my lyrics, and being able to write and rap in a creative way is very inspiring to me.

Tell us about your new clothing line, HOOL.A.GANS!

Well, I was living in North Ridge with a bunch of roommates, and things were pretty slow with my career. I decided that I needed to make some extra money, and get the ball rolling. I had always wanted to start a clothing line, and didn’t see any reason to not go ahead and get started on that dream. My friends and I used to call ourselves Hooligans, and I liked the name for the clothing line. The cool thing about the company is that it’s spelled HooL.A.gans. It brings in L.A., because I thought about it as I was over here in Los Angeles.

The clothing line is about being different: not following what everyone else is doing, but doing your own thing, and being your own person. Check out the bio:

“Founded by Cameron "TryC" Lancour in 2014, HOOL.A.GANS Clothing was created to represent a generation of teens and young adults who live their lives outside of the box and have overcome societal stereotypes of this generation. Beating the odds in his own life; born to a single mom, being of bi-racial ethnicity, growing up in a blended family "TryC" has soared above the norms. With his Faith as his cornerstone, this young entrepreneur is a triple threat in the entertainment industry, working on his first EP and just finishing his 2nd music tour. HOOL.A.GANS Clothing is a reminder to stand for what you believe in even if it means going against the grain. HOOL.A.GANS Clothing is stirring up a new kind of trouble in the fashion world. Are you in?”

You just shot a Starbucks commercial?

Yeah, I just shot that commercial two days ago in Malibu Beach! I signed with Prestige Agency and got an audition for Starbucks. I walked through the whole three-round audition process, eventually getting chosen for the job. I also have an anti-smoking TSAcommercial coming out next month that I play the lead role in. Be looking out for that.

So… Teen Vogue!?

I shot with Kylie Jenner in Teen Vogue! This is actually my second time shooting for the magazine. I was in an issue a few months ago with Rita Ora, and that one is already out. Wilhelmina direct-booked me for this Teen Vogue issue with Kylie Jenner. A few models and I went out to the desert and did a shoot out there! The whole theme was a post-apocalyptic shoot. They had army trucks and props, and we all dressed kind of crazy. We met with Kylie Jenner and shot with her. You never really know how the magazine will air, but we took a lot of pictures. I’m not sure that I will be on the cover, but will definitely be inside the magazine.

Have you always lived in North Hollywood?

I am originally from San Diego. After SHINE, I started driving over to Hollywood for auditions and meetings with agencies. After I signed with my agencies, I began driving out here pretty frequently. At first it was twice a month, then it turned into three times a week…I would have to drive there and back. It was crazy, just doing the back-and-forth driving for six months.

I moved out here after about six months. I had an unfortunate rooming situation and had to move back home. God worked some things out for me to be able to stay with a friend in North Hollywood again, and finally I've been out here permanently for four months.

Walk us through your journey in developing a passion for this industry.

My passion for entertainment started in 9th grade. I always complained to my mom about not feeling like I was special, and not feeling like I had any talents. I didn't start doing anything in entertainment until 10th grade. I continued to tell my mom that I felt like I hadn't been given any talents at all. So that same year I went to a church camp, and the main verse used was Proverbs 19:21: Many plans are in a man’s heart, But the counsel of the LORD will stand.” I just felt a peace after I heard that…realizing that even though I had no plans, God had a vision for my life. No matter what I did or didn't do, His plans would not change. That year is when I started dancing and joined a dance crew. The next year I started to rap, and my passions began picking up.

I developed such a heart for music because I started doing Christian rap. Going to churches and seeing how the kids looked up to me completely changed my life. I was a role model to them, and I wanted to be the best role model possible.

What has been the biggest challenge in your career?

Staying faithful and grounded. When I signed with my management, they actually asked me what I was not okay with doing. I had my mind made up, and was very clear about what I would and would not do. I told them I would never do any sexual scenes in anything. I also told them that I would not curse. At that point, they told me, Well, that's probably going to take out all television for you.” I was so conflicted by that statement, but realized that God brought me into everything, and He had His own plans for my life. Telling them my values, at that time, felt weird and out of place… but later I felt incredible because I did something that many people don't do: I stood up for my values and Faith.

How did you hear about AMTC?

So like I said, I had been wanting to pursue the industry when I entered the 10th grade. My mom expressed that she wanted me to wait until I was 18 and graduate first. Two months after I graduated, my mom heard about and mentioned AMTC. The audition was that same weekend, so I prepared quickly, attending the audition and received a callback!

What was SHINE like for you?

SHINE was crazy. The best part was becoming family with everyone; just getting close and supporting one another. SHINE was also a great representation of what the industry is actually like, without the negativity. I kind of forgot that we were competing at SHINE, because everyone was so supportive. I wanted to see everyone do well! The entire experience was surreal.

A moment that stands out in my mind is when I was on the stage, having the opportunity to rap. One of the lyrics in my song goes, All my Christians out there, put your hands in the air, and say Jesus! "I didn't really expect everybody to say it back, but the whole crowd erupted and said, Jesus!" Wow, that was just a cool moment.

What is PGF?

PGF came from that experience I had at camp when the Lord put Proverbs 19:21 on my heart. God told me that in life, no matter where I was or what I was doing, I had to put Him first. I shortened that phrase “Put God First” to PGF.” I started saying that often, and going by that phrase in my music. Later, I wanted to start a thing called PGF Squad.” Just a group of kids who got together, worshipped and studied the Bible. When I met the guys in my dance crew, PGF became our motto. We went by that name, and chose to Put God First” as a tight-knit family. One of my friends in the dance crew actually got PGF” tattooed on him.

What are your upcoming plans?

Eventually I want to have my own record label called PGFMusic. I'm trying to progress and work in excellence in everything I'm doing. More commercials, fashion shoots, and music are coming up! I'm promoting the clothing line. Definitely want my AMTC family to check out the website. We are starting with the basic T-shirts and hoodies. In a few weeks, we are releasing joggers and extended T-shirts.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you want to give Talent Missionaries?

Stay grounded in THE Word. Don't try to get your fill in anything else but Christ. Also, make sure that the industry is really what you want to do, because being out here is not an easy walk in the park.

But I knew that the industry was my passion, and was willing to go whatever lengths to make that calling happen.

Check out Cameron’s website!

Cameron’s portfolio with Wilhelmina