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The following Actors, Models & Talent for Christ are going through AMTC's programs right now, and they need your help to achieve all that they can for God in the entertainment industry. All donations are tax-deductible according to U.S. law.*


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Current SHINE Performers, want to be featured on the Sponsor A Performer page right here? Make sure your Help Me Shine fundraising page is set up and decked out with your story, things you have overcome in life, your performing goals, and custom photos and videos! When you have it all done, email performercare@shine.us. We will consider you for an upcoming feature.

*In order to be tax deductible as a charitable donation, gifts must be made with the understanding that AMTC controls 100 percent of the funds contributed. AMTC will do our best to honor requests to donate to a specific performer; however, we are required by U.S. law to let you know that we cannot guarantee the granting of any requests. Please include the name of your performer in the specified field on the Donate page. Additionally, direct benefit donations do not qualify as a charitable donation per IRS guidelines. For all tax matters, AMTC recommends consulting with a tax professional.