Is AMTC an agency?

No. AMTC is not an agency. In fact, we don't recommend you try for an agent without some Industry guidance and experience. Why? (1) You may not know if the agent is reputable and/or right for your type. (2) If you aren’t correctly prepared, you can harm your first impression.

AMTC is a 35-year-old talent development company turned nonprofit ministry that finds, prepares and launches performers into media. AMTC exposes you to career-starting VIPs in film, fashion, music and theatre at the SHINE events. In addition, AMTC staff and grads form a safety and advisory net for your continued support.

What is AMTC looking for?

AMTC is looking for gifted actors, models, singers, dancers and comedians (ages 4 and up). We focus on two standards:

#1 God’s Standard is seen in performers who raise a new standard of behavior in media: one that’s about love of others rather than love of self, one that understands the responsibility of celebrity. 

#2 Industry Standards are seen by professionalism and excellence. To get on a national-level playing field, a performer must meet or exceed the gifts and prep of others players.

Is AMTC only for Christians?

No, we welcome performers of all faiths who want to become positive role models and understand the responsiblity of celebrity. Many of the VIPs who attend are not Christians. For example, Sonia Dara, top AMTC grad, Harvard grad and former international model, is Hindu.

Is my child ready to apply?

In addition to talent, kids in entertainment must be outgoing and unusually mature. Your child must be at least 4 years old. The desire to perform needs to be the child's desire - not the parent’s. The child must be able to interact with adults easily (and not prone to periods of shyness).

If I'm not an actor, do I need to read a script?

Yes! Your ability to speak clearly and confidently is a major component of success for singers, models and dancers, too. Because today's entertainment industry expects cross-training. Personality, presence and verbal ability are vital.

Can I apply in more than one talent?

Yes. You're encouraged to apply in all areas of gifting: acting, modeling, singing, rap, dance, stand-up (or all). Each talent will be judged separately, as well as your overall performance potential.

Can groups perform?

Yes, groups are welcome. Props or instruments must be easily carried on and off stage. Special pricing and rules may apply, depending on whether the individuals also perform separately (which is recommended.)

What should I wear to my In-Person Application for SHINE?

Dress in neat, casual, age-appropriate clothes—nothing dressy. Keep your appearance and makeup fresh and natural. Individuality is encouraged. Sensuality is not.

What should dancers wear?

Unless your dance is classical ballet or ethnically inspired, dancing in street clothes that can move is a cool option.

Are fees involved?

There is no fee to apply. If your application is approved, you'll be given a breakdown of the cost for AMTC's various programs, memberships and services, including the SHINE Tour... along with a scout's recommendation of what might be your best option. If you'd like to know fees in advance, please email NOTE: All AMTC programs are reasonably priced, offer fundraising assistance, and help support AMTC’s non-profit ministry.

Does AMTC offer scholarships?

AMTC offers scholarships on a limited basis, based on prayer, financial need and merit.

If I do (or don’t) pass my application, what happens next?

If your application is approved, you'll be notified by telephone or text within 1-3 business days (depending on whether you apply in person or online). You'll receive your application results and scout recommendations... along with options on how to move forward. 

If your application is not approved, you'll receive an email with advice.


What happens at an In-Person Application?

The In-Person Sessions consist of two parts: (1) An insider-look with Information Session about the qualities needed for a person of faith to succeed. (2) The Application Session: a talent scout will evaluate your written application, talent, marketability, star quality and potential.

How long does an In-Person Application last?

An in-person audition usually takes 3-4 hours with an Information Session, followed by personal auditions.

What if there is bad weather on my In-Person Application day?

In-Person Sessions are rarely cancelled due to inclement weather. Should there be any change or cancellation, you will be notified by text and email. Otherwise, the show must go on!

How will I perform?

Actors: Prepare a 30 second monologue, or read a script provided by AMTC.

Models: Walk for our Scout. Special shoes are unnecessary. Keep it natural.*

Singers: Prepare a 30 second song without accompaniment. (Exceptions: songwriters may bring guitars or portable keyboards; rappers can bring a beat.)*

Dancers: prepare a 30 second choreographed routine. (Bring music and your own speakers or smart phone with reasonable volume)*

Comedians: prepare a 30 second stand up routine.*

*Models, singers, dancers and comedians must also prepare or read a 20-30 second script.

Should I bring a parent?

Kids and teens should bring both parents if possible. Young and mature adults are encouraged to being a parent/spouse/mentor, and/or anyone who loves you and is interested in your future.

Can I bring babies and toddlers?

The minimum age to apply to attend SHINE is 4. The In-Person Session is action-packed but serious.

If your children are too small to sit quietly for 1-2 hours, please leave them at home or bring a babysitter who can keep them in the foyer.

Is there a written application to fill out?

Yes, please click here to begin.

Do I need to bring a picture or resume?

If you have extra picture(s) and/or a resume we can keep, bring them– but it's not necessary. New talent is fully welcome. We may take an additional photo on site.


How do I do it?

See the detailed instructions on the Instant Application Page Here.

If I'm under 18, do I need a parent's approval?

Yes! Your parent must step in to the first part of your video to give approval.

Can I use a video I've already done?

Yes and no! Yes, you can link to a performance video of you online. (Please see instruction). But you must also send a slate, so we can hear you and see you now: up close and natural. This "slate" (industry term for introduction) would also need a parent at the start to give approval for your audition.

What if I don't attach a video?

Then your application will not be reviewed. You also must read an acting script, even if it's not your interest. Why? The scout must head you talk and check your ability to present yourself.

If I'm a model, should I attach pictures?

Yes! We'd like to see you in form-fitting clothing that is tasteful. That being said, you still need to send a video slate and perform a 20-30 second commercial script.