We find, prepare and launch performers to go into the world’s most influential field: media. Our faith-based talent development programs, conferences and community set the stage for God’s stars to rise and SHINE in truth. Our vision is to see the Great Commission of Jesus Christ fulfilled through film, fashion, music and theater.


In 1982, Carey Lewis decided to host a talent convention for the performers from her mother's modeling and finishing schools.

“It was a safe and cost-effective way for local talent to meet national agents in one time and one place—to see how far they could go without the travel and risk of trying to do it alone,” said Carey.

It was small by today’s standards, but a 34-year run began with three generations of the same family to lead it. Young unknowns like Megan Fox, Mena Suvari, Matt Czuchry, Chris Young and Evan Peters set the stage for today's rising stars.

AMTC’s star power also increased in the panels of agents, managers and casting directors who came looking for new faces. Top names in film, television, modeling, and music descended on AMTC’s conventions, now held in Orlando.


AMTC’s growing success ultimately became hollow for its founder, Carey Lewis. Personal and professional betrayals brought her to her knees. In this desert, the true shaping of AMTC began. Carey, who at the age of 51 saw herself as a burned-out CEO, gave her life and company to God.

She became a committed Christian and AMTC’s mission changed. Within two years of her transformation, both her daughters and son-in-law, Adam She (now AMTC’s Executive Director) became Christians. God had a plan, and they were part of it.

But this family’s transformations were about to start a revolution, because AMTC was about to get bold. Carey calls it her ‘Treadmill’ experience:

“A few months after surrendering to Jesus, God spoke to me on a treadmill. He told me the name of AMTC would change. We were AMTC before we were for Christ, but the ‘C’ stood for ‘Competition.’”

“God said we would no longer be ‘Actors, Models & Talent Competition.’ We would become ‘Actors, Models & Talent for Christ’ because that’s what the ‘C’ was always meant to be.”

“I was thrilled,” says Lewis. “I finally knew my purpose. Friends and co-workers were initially negative—afraid that our mainstream talent executives would not support a boldly Christian company.”

“But my friends were wrong. The agents who had been with us for so long stayed loyal, and what they discovered at the ‘new’ AMTC surprised them. They saw a face for Jesus they never knew: they saw beauty, talent, love, integrity and purpose. They didn’t feel judged, but inspired!”

“Pretty soon, Christian casting directors wanted to support this movement, too. So today’s AMTC now hosts both mainstream and Christian media executives, because God wants His stars everywhere.”

“Even more, the deep roots that AMTC grew into fashion and entertainment through its first 24 years would now be used for God’s purposes—to promote His stars into key positions in the most pivotal mission field in the world: media.”

In 2012, Carey and her family gave up ownership of AMTC. Actors, Models & Talent for Christ is a 501c3 non-profit Christian ministry with the purpose of making good bolder in film, fashion, music and theater.

From left: Glynis Carpenter, Creative Director, Carey Lewis, Founder, Adam She, Executive Director, and Lexy She, Art Director.

From left: Glynis Carpenter, Creative Director, Carey Lewis, Founder, Adam She, Executive Director, and Lexy She, Art Director.


Carey Lewis Shares Her Story on the 700 Club


Carey Lewis is the Chief Serving Officer of AMTC. She received the torch to bring excellence into the entertainment industry from her supermodel mother. Yet Carey’s biggest accomplishment has not been leading AMTC for 30 years, but learning to follow God. She became a late-in-life committed Christian in 2006. “I was transformed from a burned-out 51-year-old CEO to now a 58-year-old girl on a mission. I am thankful to know my purpose and watch God’s plan unfold.”

Adam She Shares His Dramatic Testimony


Adam She is AMTC's Executive Director and day-to-day leader. He joined AMTC in 2004 under its founder, Carey Lewis. Adam was instrumental in guiding AMTC's transformation from a company to a ministry. Although he was not raised as a believer, in 2008, Adam met God in a dream. Once he was in, he was 100% in. Today, Adam's skills in business rest upon his dependence on Jesus and commitment to prayer. He is an extraordinarily humble, fair-minded and gifted man of God.

Board of Directors

With a Doctorate of Philosophy from Evangelical Theological Seminary and 30 years in ministry, GEORGE DILLARD III is the Senior Pastor of Peachtree City Christian Church. He is also the author of Seven Things That God Desires For Us and The Big Mission. He has been guest pastor of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Georgia Legislature. With a passion for the mission field of entertainment, Dr. Dillard leads the AMTC Board.

NISE DAVIES is a former ‘Miss Tennessee USA,’ international fashion model, and an actress with over 50 television commercials. She began Advantage Models and Talent, a world-respected agency in Nashville, 25 years ago, which launched hundreds of careers. She is a talk show host and National Vice President for Arbonne International. Nise passionately believes in developing models to become role models and positive examples of health and natural beauty.

Once a child of abuse and nearly suicidal as a teen, BILL DRAKE found Christ through a group of young people sharing the gospel. Bill is now an ordained Baptist minister, skilled musician, singer/songwriter, preacher, and teacher. As International Worship Leader for Operation Mobilization, the 5th largest evangelical mission in the world, Bill spreads God’s word through music and ministry. He has traveled to over 60 countries and released several full-length albums.

Dr. BRYAN CRUTE began his public ministry in the 1980s, mentoring a small group of men on the campus of Virginia State University. Recognized as a pioneer in church health, Dr. Crute has partnered with Pastor Rick Warren, teaching and ministering throughout the world. He started Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church in 1996 with a core of 20 believers, which has grown to nearly 6,000. He is also the father of Austin, who has completed his first national TV series.

TED BAEHR is Founder and Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE®: The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment and Chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission® ministry, as well as a noted critic, educator, lecturer, and media pundit. His life’s purpose is to be used of God to redeem the values of the media while educating audiences on how to use discernment in selecting their entertainment. As an attorney, author, and son of two Hollywood movie stars, Dr. Baehr is well-qualified for the job.

CAREY LEWIS, AMTC's founder, is also on AMTC's Board of Directors. Her bio is above, or read more of her story and history in AMTC's Beginnings.


Is AMTC a talent booking or casting agency?

No. AMTC is not an agency.

In fact, we don't recommend you try for an agent without some Industry guidance and experience. Why? (1) Do you know who you are meeting and if they are legitimate? (2) If you aren’t correctly equipped and groomed, you could miss or hurt the right opportunity. 

AMTC is a 34-year-old talent development ministry that finds, prepares and launches performers into media. AMTC exposes you to career-starting VIPs in film, fashion, music and theatre at the SHINE events - and as icing on the cake, we help advise you on the right path beyond your AMTC experience.

I’m a performer. How do I get started?

Learn more about AMTC by reviewing the sections of this site. Register for an AMTC Audition or consider an eApplication

Who are your biggest success stories?

AMTC defines success differently. We believe industry credits do not define success. Nor should obtaining them be a performer’s primary goal.

Even so, many AMTC grads are on high platforms. in mainstream, faith-based and family-friendly media. Some of them, who came from our 24 B.C. (before Christ) years, may or may not be Christians. Either way, they helped set the stage and bring the agents that give today's AMTC performers the major advantage of connections that can launch careers. Check out some of AMTC’s Featured Grads.

Most of our performers understand success has more to do with how they live their lives than industry credentials. They excel off-stage, even more than on it. They're business, ministry and family leaders. They’re the performers thankful for every platform and every set, no matter how large or small.

Why do I need AMTC if my talent is good enough?

Talent is important. But it’s not the #1 attribute of success.  To enter any playing field, you must be as good-- or better-- than its current stars. The entertainment industry demands intelligence, passion, style and patience. Performers must understand the culture and customs of the entertainment business. 

For a Christian to be successful in Hollywood, to be in that world but not to become of it, requires double preparation. You must carry God's standard while excelling in the standards of men. In addition, you must love this industry’s people regardless of their views or behaviors--without judgement. Above all, you must recognize your gifts are not merely for your own benefit. They are to be used with the love of others in mind. 

No one does it alone. Talented people need a talented team to guide them and keep them on the right path. One of the greatest benefits of AMTC is its strong community of positive and encouraging people in all major entertainment markets.

I’ve heard if an agency wants you, it shouldn’t cost anything. Is this true?

Most reputable agents do not charge an up-front fee, but their performers still have costs, such as photography, marketing, travel, printed materials and continued education.

For example: AMTC grad, Mark Daugherty (a working actor, signed to an agent and manager, in L.A.), said he averages $10,000 a year in industry-related expenses.

AMTC’s SHINE Prep Program and Events are designed to prepare performers physically, mentally and spiritually, so they are ready to meet and work with reputable agents in major markets across the country. 

How is AMTC funded?

AMTC is a 501c3 non-profit ministry supported by cost of our programs, services and generous donors. For more information, see our financial accountability section.

Why is AMTC a Non-Profit 501-C(3)?

When it began in 1982, AMTC (Actors, Models and Talent “Competition") was founded by Carey Lewis as a for profit business with the goal of becoming the standard in talent development and exposure for actors, models, singers and dancers. Industry excellence and customer service were #1. However, after 25 years of worldly success, personal and professional betrayals, Lewis found herself unfulfilled and broken. This set her up for a late in life surrender to Christ in 2007 (read the treadmill story). In the years since, AMTC not only changed its name (for Christ), its vision and mission changed, too.  In 2012, thirty years after inception, AMTC became a 501(c)(3). Our #1 is now the Great Commission. Our goal is to make good bolder!

I’m not a performer. What can I do to help?

Prayerfully consider helping more performers enter this mission field with the right preparation and community by becoming an AMTC Partner.

You can also join the AMTC Prayer Team. Weekly emails are sent to our Prayer Warriors, for individual, ministry and industry needs.

I’m an established industry professional. How can I be invited to scout at SHINE?

If you are interested in attending SHINE as VIP casting director, talent agent, music A&R or industry professional, please email our VIP Coordinator your industry affiliation, contact information and personal reference.

AMTC VIPs are invited based on industry experience, but more importantly, VIP referral and references. Therefore, we work with those who have a proven track record. 

Is AMTC just for Christians?

AMTC is for any person of good character and intention who wants to have a positive impact on film, fashion, music and theater. We believe good can join forces to change this industry for the better. Jesus Himself condemned no one - except religious hypocrites.

For example, Sonia Dara, Harvard grad and star fashion model, is Hindu. She found no conflict in AMTC's faith.

Am I too old to enter the entertainment industry?

You're only too old when you stop moving forward.  

Check out one of SHINE's former top performers, 74-year-old AnnMarie Mercadante.

How young is too young?

Children ages 4 and up may audition. However, young children must be exceptionally mature and outgoing to succeed in the entertainment industry. Most importantly, the dream to perform must be in the child, not the parent. Some of AMTC’s most successful children began early, like Mary-Charles Jones.

Does AMTC work with special needs performers?

Special needs performers have important roles to fulfill. AMTC grads include performers with paralysis, Downs Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and various movement disorders, as well performers with hearing and sight impairment. Some come to AMTC for self-improvement and education. Others hope to advance their performance potential.

Talent Consultants accommodate each individual to their best ability. AMTC cannot provide sign interpreters, but performers who are hearing impaired may bring their own interpreters at no charge to preparation meetings and the SHINE Conference. Assistants for any performer with special needs may assist them at no fee.

The entertainment industry is a challenging industry for everyone hoping to enter—including performers with special needs. AMTC does not guarantee placement to any grad. But we do guarantee an excellent opportunity in an encouraging environment—one that emphasizes spiritual growth as much as talent preparedness. 

Consider one's of AMTC's most accomplished grads, Andrew Bambridge.

Does AMTC Allow Performers From Outside the US?

AMTC has hosted performers from countries such as South Africa, Honduras, Australia, The United Kingdom, Canada & Kenya.

However, AMTC does not assist with citizenship or attaining a work-related visa. It is the responsibility of the performer and/or family to work out this application process independently. AMTC fully respects the representing talent agency’s right to accept or decline a performer on the basis of their citizenship.

Fashion models from many countries work in the U.S. New York agencies assist in Visa procurement and are familiar with the process from their unique point of view. The talent industry is increasingly international and cross-cultural.

I own a Performing Art School. How can I get my students involved in AMTC?

AMTC has a unique and exciting affiliate program for qualified arts program leaders who are in need of a talent placement vehicle for their students. It’s also a great way to increase revenue for your organization. If you own or manage a Performing Arts School, Theater, or Agency, or you head a Music or Drama Department, please email our VIP Coordinator.

My Church has a music and arts program. How can I get my church involved?

AMTC has just launched a one-of-a-kind Church Partnership Program this an answer to many prayers. Please email our VIP Coordinator.

How can my business partner with AMTC? Can I be a SHINE sponsor?

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, business partner or vendor at SHINE, please contact AMTC Director of Outreach.

How Can I Help?

  1. Spread the good news about AMTC to your community and friends. If you know talented performers, refer them to AMTC's website and/or to audition.
  2. Join us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  3. Become a part of AMTC's Prayer Team, and you'll receive weekly emails that include individual, ministry and industry needs.
  4. Support the movement. Become a sustaining monthly donor or sponsor specific performers to help those who are called to this mission, but may lack the means to prepare and go.